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Eschatologie de notre Temps  [“Eschatology for Our Time”]

(French edition, 1982, 368 pages)

An essential book, absolutely necessary in order to understand “this time which is our time”! Using as a starting point the prophecies of the Old and New Testaments, Raoul Auclair sheds a new light, totally original, on our contemporary world, allowing us to penetrate the unexpected depths of its very astonishing mystery!
“Night has fallen over the world. A deep night, a night of anguish, the worst of nights, the one which no longer awaits the dawn.

“And what do they tell us, those whose profession it is to scrutinize the future, not some distant future, but only those decades which their conjectures encompass, and of which they make inventories with many statistics and graphs, analyses and extrapolations, producing thousands of bits of data and parameters to be fed into computers?
“What are they saying? They are saying that there is no more future, and that beyond the next few decades of reprieve, the world is coming up to a wall against which it will crumble.
“That is the pessimism of men who have lost hope. They have even lost their optimism, the lay person’s caricature of holy hope.
“However, we Christians, inasmuch as we have remained true Christians, have this hope! And this is not some idle dream, but the very solid certitude provided by faith in God’s word. Nevertheless, it is not a matter here of a hope in heaven, which is proper to the Christian regardless of the times or the circumstances, but rather of a temporal hope.”(Raoul Auclair in the book’s introduction)

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