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A  Man of God


“He must increase and I must decrease,” John the Baptist said to his disciples shortly before his death. He was conscious of having to disappeaer in order to leave all the room to the Messiah, the Lamb of God, who was coming to baptize in the Holy Spirit and Fire, and to take away the sins of the world.

“I understood that I had to enter into the Community in order for Raoul to disappear...” Raoul confided in his turn to a few of his confidents, at the end of his life. He was conscious of the absolute  necessity for him to bid farewell to the world without any compromise and to make the total and definitive gift of his person to God and to the Lady.

Freely and out of love, Raoul gave up his renown and the frequentation of important personages, in order to live by the evangelical spirit of the humble and the simple. His withdrawal from the world, far from being harmful to his grandiose literary work and for the radiance of his exceptional qualities, highlighted even more his inspired mission of prophet and precursor of the mystery of the Co-Redemption being accomplished “in this time which is our time”.


To respond completely to the call of the Lord and the Lady, Raoul consecrated to them the last ten years of his life within the Community of the Sons of Mary, in order to disappear and die to himself and, in this way, correspond more closely to the divine will.

“To become the one God wishes,” there you have in a few words the message Raoul addresses to us and the invitation he issues to all men and women of good will through his silent but very eloquent witness. The witness of an entire life which, in fact, can be summed up in one single word, and that is “holiness”.


Holiness... yes, that is the inheritance Raoul passes on to the Church and to all peoples at the end of his passage here below, through his example, his merits and his virtues.


* * *


Thus, on June 3, 2007, in the chapel Spiri-Maria at Lac-Etchemin, Padre Jean-Pierre proceeded with the canonization of Raoul, proclaiming:

Given that it was the Immaculate who chose Raoul to make known her Work as Lady of All Peoples, 

Given the genuineness of Raoul’s response of love to the call of love of God and the Immaculate, through his eschatological and Marian literary work, but also and especially through the total giving of his life,

For the glory of the Divine Quinternity and for the good of the Church of John and of redeemed humanity,

With the authority of Jesus Christ and of the Lady of All Peoples, 

I declare “HOLY”
Raoul Auclair under the title of 


and I invite the Church of John to celebrate his liturgical memory every year on January 8.


May the present world, and all the generations to come see in Saint Raoul Marie not only a luminous beacon of Christian faith, hope and charity, but also an inspired witness of the Kingdom, of the Lady and her messages, knowing that he fully realized in this world here and in the one hereafter, his blessing as a Son of Mary that made of him “the greatest theologian of all times”!

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