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L’Homme Total dans la Terre Totale  [“The Total Man in the Total Earth”]

(French edition, 1985, 528 pages)

“Through this present work, Raoul Auclair proves to us that the history of the universe and that of man are intimately linked, and that there is no other redemption than that, global, of the world, for which the human being is, at one and the same time, the revealer and the catalyst.

“What is the underlying filigree that one can retain from this text? That, from the Prophets of the Old Testament down to Mary’s messages in our time, it is the same unbroken golden thread that unrolls, that of our sacred history....

“No sooner is the marvel of the cover – for whoever is familiar with the language of symbols – passed than the reader will come face to face with an extraordinary lesson in theology. But it is not the theology of the Fathers of the Church, nor the more arid and dogmatic theology of those who were its Doctors. It is a theology that is new in its formulation, for Raoul Auclair has carried off the ‘tour de force’ which consists in fusing science and religion.... And yet, the past has bequeathed us a rich legacy of inspired texts, all of which have tried to answer the fundamental questions: ‘From where do we come, who are we, where are we going?’ Raoul Auclair supplies an answer to them.

“ ‘L’Homme Total dans la Terre Totale’ is for me like the resumé, the condensation, the absolutely necessary culmination of a literary and mystical work, rich and fruitful. It is the synoptical view of one for whom the curtain which hides the mysteries of space and time has been rent...”  (Séverin Battfroi in Le Royaume)

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