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La Prophétie des Papes  [“The Prophecy of the Popes”]

(French edition,1969, 160 pages)

Concise, clear, prudent, this work of Raoul Auclair must be recognized first of all for the balance it demonstrates, for we know how difficult it can be to scrutinize prophecies! The author rigorously studies Malachi’s strange prophecy which, since 1143, has given to each Pope a corresponding motto. In his opening chapter, Raoul shows how the events have, up to this point, confirmed the predictions. In the second chapter, based on the hypothesis of some numerological correspondences, Raoul unveils the mysteries of the number 111, the secret key present throughout this prophecy and explains how the mottos, when all that part of history is taken into consideration, respond to each other and become clearer. Finally, with tact, just measure and piety, the author, in the third chapter, tackles the difficult problem of considering the mottos of the Popes still to come, according to the prophecy, in these times of the greatest trial, those of the splendor of dusk.

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