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Le Secret de la Salette  [“The Secret of La Salette”]

(French edition, 1981, 102 pages)

Work written while he was at the O.R.T.F.

[French radio and television network]

“The Secret of La Salette! The Virgin Mary, weeping, gave it to the world one hundred and thirty-four years ago. And the world still has not listened to Mary’s warnings. Those who were to spread it, those to whom Mary had entrusted it were the very ones who stifled it! Now, in these days when what was predicted has come to pass, we cannot think without shuddering of all the retributions which God’s patience has held back for so long...
    “The silence on the secret of La Salette was not complete, for Léon Bloy – he who was held in contempt because he was too great for the pettiness of the times – published ‘Celle qui pleure’ [She who cries]. So it was to be expected that the conspiracy to silence would extend to include not only ‘Celle qui pleure’, but also the complete works of this prodigious writer, one of the greatest of the 19th century. Léon Bloy died in 1917, ‘Au seuil de l’Apocalypse’– the title of his last book, that is  ‘On the threshold of the Apocalypse’... ‘waiting for the Cossacks and the Holy Spirit’. The Cossacks did come that year, thus marking the beginning of the Time of the End. But the Holy Spirit will only come at the end of the Time of the End.” (Excerpts from the introduction to this book by Raoul Auclair)

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