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Les Épiphanies de Marie   [“The Epiphanies of Mary”] 

(French edition, 1967, 352 pages)

Published by the “Éditions Beauchesne”, Les Épiphanies de Marie brings together texts on Mary’s apparitions which Raoul Auclair wrote for the O.R.T.F. [the French Radio and Television Network]. The author was the first to highlight the eschatological character of the Virgin Mary’s great apparitions. That book, published shortly before the Marian International Congress celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Fatima, merited him the privilege of being one of the few lay people invited to participate in it.

“This we must thoroughly understand, of this we must be thoroughly convinced: the apparitions of Mary are not simple matters linked to circumstances, though they do take their form within the framework of events and lean upon the circumstances of the moment. Closely tied in with the facts of history, they only become clear when seen against the diuturnity of history; apparently locked in on a particular time, they enter into the mystery of the times; looking to a precise event, they yet point out to us the great Event which is the great Advent.”(Raoul Auclair, Les Épiphanies de Marie, p. 13)

“I think that the filial care exercised by Raoul Auclair – most particularly in his book, ‘Les Épiphanies de Marie’ – in delving into the seven great apparitions duly recognized by the Church since 1830, has made it possible for him to read, in a new light, a multitude of texts from our Holy Books, and to draw from them some very important points which classical theology is far from having made a part of itself up to now.” (André Richard, priest and editor-in-chief of L’Homme Nouveau, Paris)

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