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Prophétie de Catherine Emmerich pour notre Temps

[“Prophecy of Catherine Emmerich for Our Time”]

(French edition, 1974, 272 pages)

We are familiar, though often in a superficial manner, with the account of the visions of Anne-Catherine Emmerich, a religious who, from December 29, 1812 to the day of her death on February 9, 1824, bore the wounds of the cross in her flesh. “These visions are perhaps the most wonderful, the richest, the most extensive, the most profound and the most striking of this type that the human mind has ever contemplated.” Goerres spoke of Anne-Catherine Emmerich in these words. That was most certainly the case when, in the first half of the nineteenth century, he wrote what his famous Mystic dictated to him.

Anne-Catherine prophesied and what she said was quite troubling. Here, we are not dealing with cryptic texts such as in the case of Nostradamus, but with simple and clear sentences which shed a very direct light on the days we are living. What the little peasant girl from Westphalia announced more than a century ago has, in fact, partially been fulfilled today. The major part of this book is dedicated to the study of the application of these prophecies “to our time”. We should recall that Pope Paul VI approved on May 18, 1973, the decree which took up again the process of beatification for Anne-Catherine Emmerich.

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