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His  Works

In his lifetime, Raoul Auclair, a distinguished author, wrote numerous works of a great eschatological and Marian worth. He began writing his first books at the age of forty. Since then, the number of his works has kept increasing, allowing not only his unique literary talent to show through, but more particularly his heart of an apostle completely given over to Mary, she who guided his life and about whom he unveiled some of the mystery.

- Les Épiphanies de Marie  [“The Epiphanies of Mary”]  (1967) 

- The Lady of All Peoples  (1978)

- Kérizinen (1968 and 1983)

- La Prophétie des Papes  [“The Prophecy of the Popes”]  (1969)

- La Fin des Temps  [“The End of the Times”]  (1993)

- Histoire et Prophétie  [“History and Prophecy”]  (1973)

- Prophétie de Catherine Emmerich pour notre Temps  

  [“Prophecy of Catherine Emmerich for Our Time”] (1974)

- Les Centuries de Nostradamus  [“The Centuries of Nostradamus”] (1975)

- Le Jour de Yahvé  [“The Day of Yahweh”]  (1975)

- Mystère de l’Histoire  [“The Mystery of History”]  (1977)

- Sainte Catherine de Sienne  [“Saint Catherine of Siena”]  (1980)

- Le Secret de la Salette  [“The Secret of La Salette”]  (1981)

- Eschatologie de notre Temps  [“Eschatology for Our Time”]  (1982)

- L’Apocalypse (I, II, III)  [“The Apocalypse” (I, II, III)]  (1984, 1985, 1987)

- L’Homme Total dans la Terre Totale  [“The Total Man on the Total Earth”]  (1985)

- Tous ces mystères dans le Mystère de Marie  [“All These Mysteries in the Mystery of Mary”] (1987)



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