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L’Apocalypse I, II, III  [“The Apocalypse”]

(French volume I, 1984, 416 pages;

French volume II, 1985, 304 pages;

French volume III, 1987, 352 pages)

On November 27, 1984, on the feast of the Miraculous Medal, Raoul Auclair presented to his readers his first volume of L’Apocalypse, dealing with the book at the end of the Bible, the book of the great combat, of the final struggle, the book of the Immaculate’s victory over Satan. Volumes II and III were to appear successively in 1985 and 1987.

“This time Raoul Auclair shows us, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, the meaning of these prophecies whose sense has been veiled from us up until now. Consequently, reading the Apocalpyse becomes easier and more enlightening for us. More than that, the reader, in becoming more open to an understanding of the oracles, achieves an ever increasing love for Scripture and the Church. Raoul Auclair makes manifest to us the sublime grandeur of a good God who uses His servants for the realization of everything that He has decreed from all eternity.

“And the reader also lets himself or herself be taken over by the action of Mary, the Warrior Virgin, who is presented in her role of Co-Redemptrix, in this Time which is our time, and who, in spite of all the ambushes, all the battles, all the bites inflicted on the heel, has assured us that she will crush the Serpent’s head: ‘In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph’.”(Marie-Paule)

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