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Les Centuries de Nostradamus

[“The Centuries de Nostradamus”]

(French edition, 1975, 286 pages)

When the work, Les Centuries de Nostradamus ou le Dixième Livre Sibyllin appeared, Father André Richard wrote in L’Homme Nouveau: “A work of Raoul Auclair never goes unnoticed. It always finds a vast and faithful public, seduced by the style, the dash, the rare knowledge of the meaning of numbers, the scope of the synthesis, the ‘digging’ of a view, one of height and breadth, into history, and a certain gift for ‘divinization’, joined with an anxiety to be absolutely at one with the Catholic faith.”

A journalist with the same review, Marcel Clément added: “Raoul Auclair continues to decipher Scripture and events, one illuminating the other. What we really have here is his vision of the totality of history as seen through Sacred Scripture. He is certainly one of the minds of our time perspicacious enough to express the mystery of history.”

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