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La Fin des Temps  [“The End of the Times”]

(First French edition: 1973

second edition: 1993)

“Under the apparent anarchy of history, there reigns a deep order. On the one hand we have the determinism of the actions taken by men, but on the other hand, there is the inflexible pivot of divine Resolve. The confrontation of these two elements produces the evidence of the cyclical laws which are expressed symbolically and numerically in Sacred Scripture. However, this synoptic look is only possible once history has reached an end. And we are precisely at one of these ends, a most solemn and most decisive one: the end of the times. The end of the world? No, the end of a world.

“The author has confronted the various traditions with biblical exegesis, thus demonstrating how all the cycles meet together in the end, in order, together, to converge on our time.

“Our world has six thousand years, six days of a thousand years (Ps 89:4; 2 P 3:8); therefore, there still remains one day (Apoc 20:2) to complete the Week of the present era. But, before we reach this great Sunday, the temporal image of the eternal Jerusalem, we must traverse the painful and terrible hours of the judgment and the purification. Such are the times of the end of the times.”(Techniques nouvelles, Bruxelles, 7-8-1973)

“A serious, powerful book, truly cosmic, one which will aid in understanding the greatest book of all times, the Bible.”(R. Bariller, in L’Écho-La Liberté, Lyon)

“A work which is a precise, exact synthesis, revelatory of a man who possesses an erudition, a knowledge, wrapped in a supernatural light, a light whose source many minds today seek.” (Paul Bazan in Les Cahiers de l’Herméneutique)

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