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Mystère de l’Histoire  [“The Mystery of History”]

(French edition, 1977, 288 pages)

Soundly structured, this book tells us that the mystery of history comes to an end in the land of Judah through the return of the Jews and the creation of the Jewish State in which Israel “advances towards the end where God awaits it”. Thus did a prophecy in Isaiah come to pass. A theme which could not be more current.

Going through, with a fine-tooth comb and in a very tight logic, the data provided by history and the research of exegetes and science filled with its arrogance and assurance, Raoul Auclair realizes that the peace as the world gives it, through the society of nations, ends in a miserable failure, for it is peace without justice.

Throughout his work, the author endeavors to shed light on the signs of the times and to place many events within the context of God’s plan. He emphasizes with much feeling the secret grandeur of Fatima, which was confirmed in a startling manner by the Pope himself when he went to Fatima for the opening ceremonies of the jubilee year on May 13, 1967

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