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Marie Toute Belle en Ses Quinze Mystères  

[“Mary, All Fair, in Her Fifteen Mysteries”]


(French edition, 1975, 126 pages)

As the title indicates, the author is inviting us to meditate upon the fifteen mysteries of the rosary. This meditation is presented in the form of a “dialogue” in which the anonymous speakers have “no other name than that of the ideal name of a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, such as can be found marking the sequences of certain psalms”(p. 14). The author’s purpose: “By means of the rosary, we are going to adore God through Mary. The fifteen mysteries will be like the wrungs of Jacob’s ladder, leading men from the earth upon which the Word descended, to heaven where He ascended in order to guide us”(introduction, p. 10).

“Raoul Auclair is a poet. Raoul Auclair is a prophet. Raoul Auclair is a son of Mary. Humility and a sense of and thirst for beauty have inspired him to publish this wonderful album in which the fifteen mysteries are a source of meditation both through the engraving plate and the printed text.”(Marcel Clément of L’Homme Nouveau)

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